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The Mission of the MSD Alumni

In the wake of the mass shooting at MSD and in the midst of their grief, the brave students called for an end to gun violence. Our mission is to support their efforts to ensure no community ever has to face a similar tragedy.

AMPLIFY: First and foremost, our mission is to amplify the voices of the survivors. We serve as a local organization dedicated to expanding the voices of the #NeverAgain movement

FUNDRAISE: We support numerous causes and organizations including the Stoneman Douglas Victim's Fund, helping the MSD students get to and pay for the March For Our Lives in Washington DC, and funding many of our own events. If you have an organization that supports our mission, please contact us via gmail. 

EDUCATE: Effective change requires that we educate ourselves and create opportunities to educate our community on gun-violence in the country and the potential impacts of policies and actions on the future generations.

ACTIVATE: We will use our passion and funding to work towards activating our demographic and inspiring interest in voting and advocacy. We will work with local organizations to inspire the community to become more involved in local, state, and national politics and be actively involved in voter registration campaigns. 

ENGAGE: The MSD movement will not be successful without the support of our adopted New England community. We are working with a variety of community organizations on initiatives ranging from connecting parents with experts to help them learn to talk to their children about violent events to encouraging the civic engagement of students.

We welcome you to help us reach these goals by attending our events, donating to our cause, or getting involved in the planning of new and unique opportunities to share our mission. W

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