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How to Talk to Your Children About Gun Violence

Parent's Night

Parent's Night

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Introduction: Meet the Panelists

Question 1: Should I wait for my child to ask me or approach them?

Question 2: How old should my child be to talk about gun violence?

Question 3: Is there an age that children are developmentally ready for these discussions?

Question 4: What is the line between providing too much information and not enough information?

Question 5: How does a parent / guardian dispel a rumor about guns and gun violence that a child comes home with?

Question 6: Is it okay to keep the news on around young children?

Question 7: What is appropriate to discuss when the topic of gun violence comes up around your children's friends?

Question 8: What type of language is being used in school to discuss these topics?

Question 9: Should parents use similar language to the language being used in schools?

Question 10: For families that do own guns, what is the best way to have this discussion with their children?

Question 11: What do you tell a child when they ask why someone would commit a violent act?

Question 12: How should we encourage children to speak up when they see or hear problematic behavior from their peers?

Question 13: What type of play is best for coping with trauma?

Question 14: Given the prevalence of violent toys and video games, how do parents help their children distinguish between play and reality?

Question 15: Is there a correlation between violent games and committing acts of violence?

Question 16: How do parents manage their own anxiety about these issues without projecting on to their children?

Question 17: If a parent is concerned about their child's behavior, what do you recommend?

Click here to download a document of resources


If you have any questions or concerns please contact your pediatrician, your child's school counselor, or other professional help. 

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